Each type of music in video version.


Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

One of the most popular rock bands of the second half of the twentieth century, which was established in 1960. Their music has had a significant impact on mass culture and music industry over the past forty years. I like so much this song i hope you too. Enjoy!


Apocalyptica – No education & Far Away ( The latter i amazing) !!!

I guess my best track of Apocaliptica. Starting with a description at the beginning I would like to recite a comment that I found on the internet .

“I just recently got into this band, but I’ve got to say…the music is exquisite, flawless and beautiful. Who would have ever thought a cello could possibly sound so magical in a metal context. “

Great song…Great Band.
No Education song is from the album Reflections. Album saturated outstanding pieces such as Drive, Prologue, and Far Away.

Listen to this song

“No words can express what music carries, emotions are the one thing words usually fail to carry words are so empty and easily used to betray: “i love you” can be told but not thought. Music cannot lie, you cannot hide truth in a song, either good or bad to your ears. The meaning hidden behind a song exist, some will interpret it a way, some will not.”

Close your eyes and listen

Uncle Kracker – Follow Me

Uncle Cracker – Follow Me

I love this song(: it never gets old. 🙂 this is the kind of song i could play over and over again and still not get tired of it(:

When I was little this song was a hit, remember the first places on the charts. Listening, and listening to, I could not stop. Nice piece, the legs themselves go, I wish you a pleasant listening and watching. Keep your head up, will be fine;]

Type O Negative – Christian Woman

Soo great song like the whole album “Bloody Kisses”. Type O Negative was American band music from the borderland doom and gothic metal. I said “was” beacause vocalist Peter Steele died 14 april 2010. Without him this team simply has no right to exist, but it is good that they recorded some great material, so enjoy!

Liszt: I. Mephisto Waltz – Balázs Szokolay

Best piano song I’ve ever heard. But the best is the interpretation of Jorge Bolet, but hard to find. I’m sure is used in the game Faust: The Seven Games Of The Soul where I first heard this track.

Diablo Soundtrack – Tristram Village

Anyone who has played Diablo probably got mentions this track. I myself have just spent the most time in the village to listen to this song:). But I have to admit that the other tracks from this game are also great, more so in the ambient climates. Enjoy!

Carmina Burana – O Fortuna

Carmina Burana – O Fortuna

Absolutely beautiful, I particularly love the dance of the death in the back, clumsy, comical, and ironical.

This music  make me want to Create more Universes, moron.

A terrible, yet eloquent. Song uncommon. As much spine as I pass it to listen.